IT Professional

I have been a software developer and IT professional for over 10 years. Whether it was building websites, developing software solutions, or managing servers and IT infrastructure, I always strive to do the best I can in whatever I am doing. 

I have worked on software solutions for e-commerce, ticket sales, website hosting, inventory management, point of sales systems, e-learning software, and fresh item management and enterprise scale management systems. I have extensive knowledge of PHP and web based software solutions, building web solutions both in frameworks and in core PHP, using the LAMP stack. I have a strong understanding of web technology and the languages used to program them; HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript. 

On top of software development, I have a lot of experience managing the infrastructure to support the software solutions, managing web servers and systems in both Windows and Linux (Red Hat , CentOS, Ubuntu) environments. Every company needs a strong backbone to their IT infrastructure, including data backups, firewall and anti-virus security, and database backups. Along with managing those, I have experience using load balanced networks and third party hosting solutions.