Along with being a software developer, and IT manager, I believe that every IT professional should do consulting work. Part of my core philosophy is that to truly understand something, you must be able to explain it in simple terms. That means being able to explain something as complicated as a peer-to-peer distributed network to someone who doesn’t know anything about the internet. It is one thing to know the terms and technicalities of a technology, and another to be able to have it make sense to others. This is what I strive to do for all of my clients.

I strongly believe that an educated client is able to better see the importance of technology and make good decisions when choosing software solutions. In the modern age jargon has overtaken knowledge, with terms like “apps”, “the cloud” and “AI” being tossed around without any real understanding of what these things mean. By working with my clients, and by breaking technical ‘mumbo-jumbo’ down into something that makes sense, I strive to give my clients the ability to choose the right solution for them. Whether or not they need the latest and greatest AI, a powerful app, or just a simple web presence.

In my time consulting I have also worked with lawyers, and assisted them in explaining to judges the intricacies of web based interactions, the complexities and functionality of peer-to-peer networks like Freenet and come up with metaphors and analogies for these systems in a way that is both accurate and fair, so that a fair and unbiased foundation can be laid before a trial is done.